Friday, April 09, 2010

Thanks Linds!!

Well...I am so pleased to have been given this award from the lovely Lindsay who has a fabby blog. I have to pass this on so I am giving this award to the following people although I wish I could send it to everybody:

Lindsay - I'm sending this back to Linds as she was very generous to sen it to me an I love her stories.

Bev - my friend who gave me instructions on all the setting up of blogland

Faye - has a wonderful blog, cards and stories...and always has the time to leave me lovely comments

Susie & Vikki - for both of you...I got my first Top 3 from Vikki...woo hoo!!

Kimmi - for giving me the chance to be on her GDT - she has a fab blog and is so brave

Mandy - has a fab blog, cards and leaves me lovely comments

Debs - has a fab blog and cards and leaves me lovely comments

Sue - has a fab blog and cards and leaves me lovely comments



Susie Sugar said...

Thanks Fi that is so kind of you to think of us sweetie
We will blog it with pride
Hugs Susie & Vikki

Kimmi said...

Thank you so very much Fi. I will make a post at the weekend as I have another award somewhere that I need to blog too! Bad Blogger me!

You might say I'm brave, but I guess its life. I've had a horrible three years, with the misdiagnosis, having a baby (which was a positive), then the cancer diagnosis, operation, chemo, tests and investigations and then losing my brother - you could say its been horrendous. I'm a strong lady, and I may only be 26 I've probably lived a life so far of someone more older and wiser, but I'm still here and still fighting. Its people like you who get me through dark days. Your creations make me smile, and tho I may not comment on most cards (Not just your blog) be sure I am visiting hehe!

Thanks again for the award. Its lovely!

Lots of hugs!

Kimmi xx

Kimmi said...

I just realised that I dont follow your blog ! How rude!!! I have got you in my bookmarks though hehe! xx

Mandy said...

Aww thanks hun for thinking of me, and congrats on your award, I will blog it tomorrow and will try and do it properly instead of giving it to everyone
hugs Mandy xx

freckleface said...

Congrats on your award hon :-)...and thanks for thinking of me....ill post it on my blog asap...Debs x

Faye said...

Ooh an award, you're such a sweetie and your blog and cards are totally delish. xxx

Sue said...

Hi Hun
congratulations on your award, thank you so much for thinking of me that is so lovely of you, i will blog it 2moro, just in from trip to Ally pally, im bloody knackered n skint! lol, but brill day.
Thank you hun means a lot, huge hugs, sue,xx

Beverley said...

thank you Fiona - its on my blog now