Thursday, November 11, 2010

A wee quick post.....

Well I am not long back from A&E with Holly...that foot she kept complaining about...thought I better get it checked out!! Guess's didn't help that her PE teacher wouldn't let her sit out on today's lesson of dodgy ball...she made Holly hobble along. Any no PE for 6 weeks and she has it strapped up but thankfully no stooky. The doc said she had to wear loose fitting shoes or boots...Holly recommended that I buy her a pair of Uggs....think not, I will get her the fake ones from Tesco!!



Ali said...

Oh no you are making me feel guilty - my youngest was wrestling with his brother and kicked the radiator and been moaning on about his foot - I've taken him to gymnastics tonight - gulp!! Hope your daughter is ok x

Lindsey said...

Oh no! Hope she's better soon. Flippin' PE teachers. It's school, not the Marines!
You should buy her UGGS you mean Mum! I remember desperately wanting a pair of Nike trainers when I was about 11 and being gob-smacked when my mum agrees. I was so excited as she was going to buy them while I was at school (I obviously was so grateful that I didn't care what they looked like and was only bothered by the brand name!) On arrival home I was HORRIFIED that she had bought me a cheap pait of "Nicks" instead. She still maintains she thought they were the right ones. I still maintain she knew PERFECTLY wel what she was doing. Im still scarred. Get the poor injured one some nice fluffy uggs! ;-)
Linds x

Wishcraft said...

Oops - and there you were calling her a drama queen he he! I know what you mean though - my eldest makes such a song and dance every time he hurts himself, I'm sure anyone overhearing must think I'm awful for not rushing him off to the hospital, but I know what he's like now!

Hope it doesn't hurt too much - I'd probably be meany mum too and be buying the cheapo version of the boots!

Lisa x

Debs said...

hope she's feeling better soon hon :0)

Debs x

Faye said...

Ugg Boots!! Iboprofren will do it!! ;)

Wendy Ramlakhan said...

LOL, Ugg Boots would make any girl feel better!! LOL Hope she's feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

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